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January 5, 2021

Spaceship FR

Humans are readying to return to the Moon, and this time for good. Numerous space agencies—ESA and CNES among them—are getting set for this new phase of space exploration. To lay the foundations of a future space base, Spaceship FR is bringing together technologies and skills and building the required networks with its partners.

Spaceship FR will combine all the expertise needed to design and build long-term habitats for human exploration of the solar system, bringing together the lay public, students, professionals, academia, schools and commercial firms. This partner network will serve to develop the feasibility of a future base on the Moon and possibly Mars.

The project will first be materializing on Earth through the construction of the Spaceship FR base from 2021 to 2023 at CNES’s field centre in Toulouse.

Spaceship FR planned for end 2023. Credits: CNES

The Spaceship project, initiated in 2012 by ESA with Spaceship EAC, is being led in France by CNES since 2018. The mission of Spaceship FR is to federate and support space stakeholders, whatever their level of involvement, to train future professionals in this sector and to conduct outreach about space exploration.