January 5, 2021


The objective of Spaceship FR is to lay the groundwork for a future lunar and/or Martian base, combining technologies developed in France and Europe.

Spaceship FR will be built at the Toulouse Space Centre with:

  • a co-working space and fablab in 2022
  • a Health lab, In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) lab and generic lab in 2023
  • end 2023, crop, recycling, water and energy modules

Spaceship FR already accommodates workshops, student projects, postdocs and PhDs. It will subsequently become a dedicated demonstrator for technology integration and feasibility studies.

Spaceship FR intends to develop human space exploration through 13 technology lines of action (see below), building bridges between stakeholders by spinning off technologies from space to Earth and Earth to space.

Credits : CNES

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